My Story

me.jpg.w180h275It’s been a long journey (from hyperactive child, to runaway, to truck driver, to business owner, to Reliv rep…), but here’s my story.

Just before moving to Florida at the end of 2010, I had been getting sick(er). I’ve had health issues as long as I can remember…was on Ritalin from 5-14 with severe ADHD, food and inhalant allergies and symptoms only got worse as I got older (additional symptoms include chronic fatigue, chronic bronchitis and chronic depression).

The truth is, the only time I felt better was when I was self-medicating from 14 to 24; today I suffer from an entirely different set of ailments due to those poor choices.

In the 70’s, my mom started working for an environmental specialist, allergist, immunologist and diagnostician (same doc). As she continued to excel in her field for the next 37 years, I tried about everything (in regards to diet, drugs and nutrition–all under the care of some very qualified individuals), and, because my mom was in the alternative health field I’ve been to many of her colleagues–which were some of the most qualified in their field.

In addition, I have been to countless traditional docs who have done absolutely nothing but prescribe antibiotics, steroids, fluconazole, Prilosec–among many other drugs to ‘mask the symptoms’ (as my mom put it).

Shortly after moving to Florida, I was admitted to the emergency room (twice) and released with ‘unknown causes’ (symptoms too lengthy to mention, but had chest pain, fever and completely disoriented). I’ve been on antibiotics at least once a year for the last 17 of 19 years for sinus and ear infections and until a month ago I was often hiding out in a dark bedroom because sound and light were too much and I was refusing any more medication (was trying to keep a good attitude, but things were looking bleak).

My diagnosis–from docs that know my history–is thought to be an infection called systemic candidiasis (mainly caused by poor diet–possibly from birth). There’s more, but that’s enough. Let’s just say, the only reason I’m not sicker, is due to the knowledge I have acquired over the years and attribute vegetable juicing to putting me back to 50%.

Reliv does not claim to cure disease, but they do claim to have some of the best nutritional ingredients on the planet including Lunasin, the world’s first epigenetic super food and first nutritional compound identified to affect gene expression to promote optimal health at the epigenetic level–so that the body can heal itself–the body becomes the miracle!

This is not one of your typical vitamin companies. Come to find out they have a lot of great products but after a driver told me about Reliv, I started on a product called Reliv Now and LunaRichX just a bit over a month ago. Today, I feel like a new man!

My body temperature has regulated and my digestive issues are almost gone. Headaches are no longer a problem and I can’t remember the last time my sinuses were this clear!

Also, an eye doc said I need cataract surgery. For some time now I’ve been having some discomfort with my eyes and now that has lessened since taking the product and I lost 8 lbs. already.

I’ve already become lengthy here, so one more important note; I’ve tried hundreds of products and diets (3 folders thick) that were supposed to be the ‘best’ or most miraculous but very few–if any–have ever made an impact. The fact that my body is even reacting to this product is an absolute miracle to me (especially in just over a month)!!!

So, what’s next? Besides the fact that I’m feeling hopeful, I want to share. I may be able to be a blessing and not a burden. If you’d like to know more about Reliv products, studies and testimonies, please go to their site — there’s a wealth of information on there and feel free to contact us about it. The journey is not over, it’s just beginning!

You to Super You